so...about the art..

Where is it you say? ummm... yeah.. I said that too. I have a confession to make. It's been really hard to keep my focus in the studio. First I blamed it on the holidays and family.. too much going on. Then I blamed it on my need to tie up loose ends in a true end of the year fashion, tally the amount of artwork produced (14 pieces), make lists for the new year (what I want to achieve, how I want to achieve it, etc). I suppose that's enough blaming... But the result is that I don't have much to show.

I did finally force myself into the studio and made myself just do something. Anything. And as you might suspect two hours later I didn't know where the time had gone and I was really excited about what was in front of me... Yup. It's true. Just do the work and it will happen.

So to tally things up: not much time spent doing the work, excited about the work I am doing, much more to do ahead... here are a few peeks at what I've been up to...
lighting things up
building bridges
working title: Sunset...
Stay tuned! If the muses keep pushing me and the weather doesn't schedule too many snow days, more work will happen quicker.. Keep your fingers crossed for me!