moving on...

From rejection to sharing. The artwork that I'm sharing in this post just got rejected from the holy grail of all the prestigious art quilt exhibits out there. Quilt National. I'm a bit bummed, I'll admit, but I am happy to finally be able to share the piece that I have been working on all summer and a big push to finish it in September. I am very happy with how it turned out. (Two years ago, when I had artwork accepted to QN'13, I was excited about it, but could not share it until the reveal at the exhibit and that was hard. I love to share my work as I work on it and when I'm done. So it's hard to keep things under wraps when you think that there is a possibility that this piece you're working on right now just might get accepted into something like QN....)

So here is Washington Av. Named for the street in Brooklyn, NY, where I took the picture that served as the base for this piece. The other base is the used plastic drop cloth that is actually the back bone of this. I sketched on it, I outline stitched on it, and I applied color to it. And by color I mean recycled plastic shopping bags. I was very focused on texture here, so I scrunched and bunched the plastic bags for the building texture and stitched it all down. No glue, no melting. Just stitches...
the grocery store on the first floor
the graffiti'ed boarded up vacant building
the decorative cornices
Washington Av. © Natalya Aikens
Oh and this is pretty large. I keep wanting to work bigger and bigger! It measures 64" high by 76" wide... perhaps I'll work a bit smaller on the next one.... maybe.

But right now I want most of all to work on more like this. So I am glad that this one is staying home for now, so that it can influence, inform and encourage its companions... I have noticed that past artwork which has quickly been accepted to a long term exhibit and left home, has remained in some ways a stand alone artwork. I kept working in a similar theme, but usually not in the same technique. I wonder if that because the piece that started the technique wasn't in the studio to keep me focused? Wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?