street signs

The other day I finished three little artworks. I have been working on them for quite a while... stitching in waiting rooms and even in the car. Parked of course. Little art is good that way, you can work on it almost anywhere.

Each one measures 5"x5" and is mounted on an 8"x8" canvas board which is painted black. They all started life as this. Which then became this. These little guys are from the middle of it all. And they began as an exercise of layering stitches. Why street signs? I don't know, they just appealed to me.
Here they are:
BUMP © Natalya Aikens
Crosswalk © Natalya Aikens
DIP © Natalya Aikens
Re-purposed plastic shopping bags, acrylic paint, machine stitching, hand stitching.