Buckingham road

Is ready for the world to see! This home portrait took a bit longer due to summer vacation interruptions, but it's done before the summer is. I was able to feature the home owners favorites like the passport page, the sheet music, the tweed and the wedding veil. And I had fun with the mod selection of upholstery fabrics! Oh and the patterned plastic bag, my heart went a flutter when I saw it!

Let's start with a few detail shots:
the tweed with a bit of a passport page
sheet music with a wedding veil layer stitched
mod pattern stitched for texture and tone, and printed plastic leaves to suggest trees
the perfect fabric to suggest flowering bushes
Buckingham Road ©2014 Natalya Aikens
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moving along

It's much fun to play with something different. It's part of the reason why I enjoy working on my home portraits so much, nothing comes from my stash of fabrics or art materials. I get to play with other peoples stash! I love discovering the tastes of the home owner through the materials provided.

So here's what I've done so far with the progress on Buckingham Road:
I made an outline sketch on tracing paper to audition the choices
and instantly chose my base fabric!  it just wanted to be it.
I laid out many options of combinations of materials and this is what I settled on.
started trimming thing to size and adding the wedding tulle for more depth
put things into their places
finalized the gardens
I decided to make the bushes rather mod at this point
and you didn't think I would skip on the plastic, did you? these fronds are a perfect suggestion for trees
lastly I chose the thread for the outline stitching
Hopefully this weekend I'll finish the outline stitching and be able to get to the really juicy part: the hand-stitching! Wish me luck!

oh the treasures!

I received a few treasures in the mail recently. Technically they are not for me, they are for the new home portrait commission that I just started working on. I'm calling this one Buckingham Road. And here's what I have to work with:
wedding veil, sheet music and a passport page
a piece of vintage embroidery, sentimental tweed and twigs
a few bold brights
simple yet sophisticated upholstery fabrics
clear prints, textural weaves
I'm loving the angle shot of the house
the front is great with that white picket fence
oh and the rhodies! I might be forced to embroider those!
I am playing with my layout options and planning the hand stitching. Will share the developments soon!