home abstracted

Another home portrait is complete. As expected it is completely different from the others. This home is very full of clean lines and angles. Photographs of the inside directed my choice for the layout of ephemera on the canvas. As you can see I have narrowed down the overwhelming selection quite a bit. Sorry, but the sequins did not make the cut. Gold lycra and the first place ribbon did though...
lots of stippling along with paint
the triple stipple stitch was fun
sound of music got long stitches for the shadow
tiki man by the front door had to be in here
Irvine © Natalya Aikens 2013
The owners approved! Here's a look back at the evolution of this piece. Thanks for checking it out!

back in the saddle

I don't know about others, but sometimes it takes me a bit of time to get back into the studio after a vacation or just time away for various reasons. Now I am happy to report that I am back to work on my art - full steam ahead! I am working on a few different projects, that's one way to keep from getting bored, and I have a few different deadlines. Yesterday I had an artist date with my daughters, we saw the El Anatsui and John Singer Sargent Watercolors exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum. I highly recommend such artists dates to everyone, artist or not! I feel fully recharged.

Now to show you what I have been working on. The Irvine home commission is progressing along...
auditioning thread for hand stitching
need some white
shadow play
more shadows
Much more hand stitching is needed here. Hopefully I'll have more to show after the weekend.

In light of the photos above I must end with a quote from El Anatsui - "The process of stitching, especially the repetitive aspect, slows down action and I believe makes thinking deeper. It's like the effect of a good mantra on the mind."

decisions, decisions...

I've had to make quite a few decisions with this home portrait current commission. Lots of materials to choose from, need less than half of what's on hand... making the hard cuts. I pondered for a long time, leaving different arrangements to wait on my work table, coming back days later and seeing things clearer.
narrowing down my options
making choices and choosing angles
thread choices
stitching the outlines
adding interest - the wonderful Tiki statue by the front entry must make an appearance
adding oil sticks and acrylic paint to amp up or tone down the details
contemplating future stitching
perhaps a layer of tulle is in the future?
more paint?
I have many more choices to make here. I see free-hand machine embroidery and hand stitching in my near future. First I must let my eyes rest a bit...

a new challenge

Commission number three shall be very very different from one and two. My friend has sent me quite a few choices: several old t-shirts with fun graphics, a piece of fake fur, sheet music, jean cuffs, upholstery swatch, few lycra swatches from her daughters synchronized swimming career, sequins, ribbon, fabric flowers....
oh the choices...
first place ribbon!
a floral?
sequins and fur
 This shall be a challenge indeed....and I can't decide which image to use of their fab house either.. Whatever shall I do? Stay tuned!
crossed beams
street view