in the mail

I shipped off my piece today for the SAQA Auction 2016. Hope it raises lots' of money for this organization that helps provide so many opportunities to artists.

My artwork is a further exploration of fire escapes that I just can't get enough of. I'm calling it Iron Spine 3. The back ground is comprised of re-purposed plastic bags, machine stitched in the skyscraper architectural theme. The fire escape is hand stitched from various ribbons and cotton embroidery floss.

Iron Spine 3 © Natalya Aikens 2016


My experimentation with plastic continues, and here's the latest incarnation. I called it Cityscape and it is destined for the SAQA Online Auction this autumn. I'll fill you in on the auction details when they are available, but meanwhile take a look...
for a change I am combining fabric with thread painted plastic
sketchy thread painting
Cityscape ©2014 Natalya Aikens
My photograph manipulated in Photoshop; printed on cotton voile; layered on raw silk; thread-painted onto recycled plastic drop cloth with various rayon threads; and layered again. Measures 12"x12" and  will be available for a good cause this autumn... Thanks!


Just wanted to let everyone now that Monday afternoon at 2PM begins the annual SAQA auction. Tons of wonderful small art will be available to purchase for the next three weeks. My contribution will be available during the International Quilt Festival in Houston, October 31st to November 1st. Here is a very thorough explanation of how the auction works and in my case you'll even be able to bid in person.

My piece is called Emerald City and composed completely from recyclables.
translucent plastics
rayon and metallic threads
lots of straight lines
Emerald City © Natalya Aikens 2013
And while you have a moment, please check out the 8 That Create blog to read about my recent trip to see some monumental recycled art.

good causes

I have been a little remiss in reminding everyone that the SAQA Online Benefit Auction is already in full swing. Sorry. But I have an excuse: my piece will be on the auction block next week, September 24th at 2P.
Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications. The funds raised through the Auction are critical to supporting SAQA's exhibitions, catalogs and outreach programs. So please join in supporting this important organization. Thank you!
Vladimir Cathedral available at the SAQA Auction on Sept. 24th
While we're on the subject of good causes, here is another one: St. George Pathfinders of America is close to my heart. It is a Russian scouting organization in the US that does a tremendous amount of good deeds for children of Russian heritage here. I have belonged to it since childhood and now my daughters are enjoying its benefits too. Their Annual Autumn Ball is on October 5th and I have donated my artwork for the Silent Auction. So if you are there in your ball gown or tux, please give them your support! Thanks! Спасибо!
okoshechko/little window 38 at the silent auction on Oct. 5th

today only!

ok ok....not just today, but all week. But today and tomorrow would be best! What am I talking about? The SAQA reverse auction of course. The third part started today at 2P and will continue all week. My piece is on page 3b. Please take the time to go shop for some affordable art and support a good cause. Thank you!
St. Pete Window 25 Natalya Aikens ©2011

timely new work

St. Pete Window/Питерское Окно 25 (detail)
Just in the nick of time I finished and mailed off my annual contribution to the SAQA Auction. A worthy cause, a good organization helping artists like me to grow. The auction won't start until September 12th, so that gives everyone plenty of time to browse the selections and pick their favorites.
St. Pete Window/Питерское Окно 25 (12"x12")
With this piece I continued my current favorite stitching technique of gathering and pulling fabrics into peaks and valleys. This started with a Photoshop® manipulated photograph that I took this past summer in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was printed on silk organza, layered with remnants of my grandmothers' lace curtains, free-hand machine sketched with rayon thread, and then intensively hand stitched. I added a border of navy cotton and stitched some more.

SAQA auction

I have been behind in informing everyone about the upcoming terrific opportunity to add to their art collection and help out a good cause all in one swift move.
Studio Art Quilts Associates is an organization that I belong to, SAQA helps quilt artists everywhere achieve their goals and promote the art of the quilt. This auction will start on September 10th at 2PM Eastern online.
My contribution is this piece: St. Pete Window/Piterskoie Okno 15. It is one of the pieces in my ongoing Okna/Windows series. Recycling is at the core here: vintage handkerchief, vintage lace, dryer sheets, plastic, paper, synthetic organza. It is printed, painted, free-hand machine embroidered and hand stitched. Here is a detail. Please spread the word and let everyone know about the great art available out there! Thank you!


Today is the day the SAQA reverse auction begins at 2PM Eastern time. It's a fundraiser for the organization which a wonderful support system for us fiber artists. My piece Окно В Дом/Okno V Dom/Window Into the Home 1 is up today. The detail is below. This piece was created as part of a series of four, and one of those was chosen to become the cover of Quilting Arts Calendar 2009.

surface design

Yesterday the Surface Design Association started their online auction. My work that you see above, Сумерки/Sumerki/Dusk is here, and do check out the rest of the auction too. There are beautiful items available and it's all for a good cause. The proceeds will go towards scholarships and grants for fiber artists. Thank you!