something to crow about

Three exhibits are happening right now where you can enjoy my work and the work of my fellow artists. 
St. Pete Window 3 / Питерское Окно 3
In White Plains, New York, the "A Spin on Green" exhibit of the Katonah Museum Artists Association sponsored by ArtWestchester. I had the opportunity to go to the opening reception last Friday, it was quite a fabulous affair. 
Such a wonderful space too, an old bank, they don't make them like that anymore. The exhibit is up until July 30, hope you have time for a visit.
In Morristown, New Jersey, opening this Wednesday June 29th is Fiber Revolution's "Visual Thoughts" at the Morris Museum. This exhibit will be up for quite a while, so plenty of time to plan your visit, June 23 to October 16th. A terrific venue where I am happy to exhibit with my fellow art quilt revolutionaries!
Russian Fairytale Village 3 (detail) / Деревня 3
And finally in upstate New York, at the Earlville Opera House, I am honored to be exhibiting with some grand names in the art quilt world: Elizabeth Barton, Benedicte Caneill, Elsie Dentes, Susan Lenz and Mary Ruth Smith. The exhibit is titled Six Contemporary Quilt Artists and will be up from July 9th to July 30th. And how cool is this? For the opening they are having an ice cream social on July 9th! That just might push me over the edge and make me take that long drive...

Fiber Revolution in Russia

There is another revolution in Russia, and I brought it there. Or here.... as I am there now. Yes the group called Fiber Revolution, which is a group of SAQA artists located in the Northeast, that I belong to, is having it's first Russian exhibit. The exhibit is part of the second biennial Lukomorie Quilt Festival in the city of Gatchina, which is a suburb of St. Petersburg. It's lovely old small city full of small palaces, one big one, a lovely park and one castle, well worth a tourist visit (which I did do last summer). The festival is a huge success here bringing visitors from all over Russia and Ukraine. More about the festival in later posts, now about our exhibit.
We have sixteen participating artists from Fiber Revolution represented at the exhibit. A nice range of techniques and styles for Russian quilters to see. We have been given a large well lit exhibit hall at the local library.
I hung the exhibit on Wednesday morning with the help of two local quilters Ludmila and Marina, and my two girls provided entertainment as my aunt tried to corral them (ahem..).
On Friday afternoon was the scheduled opening. I was a bit disappointed when only a few showed up, but it was nice chatting with those brave souls. But a bit later, as I had been warned, two buses carrying about 60 quilters showed up. They had been bussed around to all the exhibits all day long and I was their last stop. Lucky for me they were still full of energy. There was much excitement in the air and I got backed into a corner as they all grabbed postcards and asked for autographs. Finally the frenzy subdued and I was able to say a few words about Fiber Revolution, SAQA and our work.
The Russian quilters were all quite impressed by the fact that most of our fabrics are hand dyed or painted; by the technological advances that we are privy to (Photoshop and high quality printers are not available to the average middle class Russian), by the variety of threads available to us and by the beautiful evenness of our machine stitching. After all the questions got answered, we had a photo session where they all wanted to have a picture taken with me, luckily in groups...and as quickly as they came in they left, ushered on to their buses. Quite an experience it was....

can you be in three places at once?

I wish I could be....
you are cordially invited to three concurrent exhibitions and opening receptions:

~ Annual Small Works Exhibit at The Upstream Gallery in Dobb
s Ferry, New York
January 8th to February 1st, 2009
Opening reception on Sunday, January 11th from 2PM till 5PM

I have two pieces in this show, Piterskoie Okno/St. Pete Window #3 and Piterskoie Okno/St.Pete Window #6

~ Fiber Revolution at the Academy of Music in Spotswood, New Jersey
January 11th to March 24th, 2009
Opening reception on Sunday, January 11th from 1PM till 3PM

My first piece in the Fairytale series is here, Derevnya/Russian Fairytale Village, accompanied by three postcard sized Okoshechki/Little Windows

~ The 8th Annual Art Inter/National.. here and abroad at the Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA
January 6th to January 31st, 2009

Opening reception Saturday, January 10th from 5PM to 8PM

Two abstract works,
Zabava/Amusement and Zabava/ Amusement 2 are at this gallery.

Thank you all for encouraging the arts!

fiber for the imagination

The opening for "Fiber for the Imagination" has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, October 4th, from 1-3PM. No hurricane warnings this time... You've got a second chance to come see a fabulous show of fiber art: two and three dimensional art quilts, fashion and even a hanging sculpture.

University of Connecticut Art Gallery
One University Plaza ( corner of Washington Blvd. and Broad Street)
Stamford, CT
203.251.8541 (directions and hours)
The exhibit will be up until October 30th.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

fiber revolution

I had an opportunity to help hang the Fiber Revolution - Fiber For the Imagination show at University of Connecticut last Thursday. It was the first time I had hung a show so I was very excited, too bad I only had a couple of hours to devote to this all day endeavor. Hard work it was figuring out the best way to hang and display all the beautiful work. And apparently I missed out on the great fun they all had getting mannequins into the gallery for the garments by Cindy Friedman, so sorry no pictures of them. Here are a few shots from that morning to whet your appetite for the actual show opening this Saturday. It is a wonderful space that shows our work beautifully. Do check it out the opening reception from 1P to 3P. My six Piterskie Okna/St. Pete Windows will be there for all to see.

fiber revolution

I am excited to report that I have been asked to join a prestigious group of fiber artists - Fiber Revolution! I am honored to be among these talented people, there are many exhibit opportunities coming up that I will now be a part of. I will have details about one or two soon, meanwhile hop over to their oops I mean OUR website and check out all the artists. Below is a detail shot of Деревня/Derevnya/Russian Fairytale Village II that is included on the Fiber Revolution website.