hello 2010!

After the euphoria of welcoming the new year, the lovely dinner with friends, the fun times with friends and family in snowy cold Boston.. the reality sets in. Back home cleaning up after the festivities, getting ready for more (Russian Christmas), doing loads and loads of laundry...one can really hit the winter doldrums...

My antidote? To see what I accomplished in 2009 and plan for 2010! So while I cannot possibly come up with a list as extensive as Lisa's (my head can't handle that much, but she always inspires me to do more), I have come up with a small list of my own:

~ I created 26 new artworks.
~ I made 30 4"x4" pieces for an art exchange with a group of artists that I belong to.
~ among those 26 new pieces are three that are part of the figure series that I am really excited about.
~ and also among those new pieces are three larger new artworks for the St. Pete series that I am still passionate about
~ I reworked nine old okoshechki/little windows pieces that I wasn't happy with.
~ I had work accepted into 10 juried exhibitions
~ one of those exhibitions is Art Quilt Elements (which still makes me want to pinch myself!)
~ I sold two pieces of art!
~ I taped a DVD for Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop!!!
~ I wrote two online tutorials for Quilting Daily
~ I answered interview questions for Embellishments Newsletter from Quilting Arts Magazine
~ I taped a segment for Quilting Arts TV Series 500
~ I designed and made costumes for Russian school Christmas play
~ I designed and am still working on costumes for the new Russian school Christmas play
~ I attended a workshop with Jane Davila
~ I spent five weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia with my children
~ I spent a week on Hawai'i for our second honeymoon
~ I shepherded a second grader and kindergartener (my most important job!)
~ I took figure drawing classes for a semester
~ and I kept a sketch journal everyday....

OK so not too shabby... I feel better now! Thanks for indulging me.

Now I am ready to dive into 2010 with enthusiasm! I have chosen my word for the year, well, two actually ~ CLARITY and PURPOSE. Those are two things that I want to achieve in 2010 for my art. Which path do I want to pursue? Why do I want to pursue it? To get myself going on this I sighed up for a Blast Off class with Alyson Stanfield which starts tomorrow (aack!!)

Now you are probably wondering what that old journal sketch from last January is doing up there at the top of the post? I'll tell ya. I will not be doing a daily sketch journal this year or a weekly journal quilt. I decided to do monthly journal art quilts. I plan to choose a journal sketch from the corresponding month of 2009 and use it as inspiration for a monthly diptych in 2010. So that red sketch up there is the inspiration for January 2010 journal diptych. How will I translate it? What size will it be? Those are all good questions that I will find an answer to this month. And whatever parameters I choose, I will keep for the rest of the year.

There. That's the plan. What's your plan?

Journals 2008

Here's the last journal of 2008 - 52{52]... and here's the journal series of December below.. I must admit I am rather pleased with the colors and textures of December. And for everyone who is here because Jeanne Williamson (thanks Jeanne!) mentioned my journals on her blog - here are all the journals of 2008. You can click on them to see larger, or click on journal quilts in the label search thingie on the side bar to see all my journal blog posts. My goals for the journals in 2008 were:

~ keeping the journal size small, 4"x4"
~ attempting to use more recycled material that is not strictly fabric
~ attempting to have more texture in every piece
~ using text
~ continuing to work in the abstract mode
~ trying to work in a small series every month

I think I succeeded in everything except for using the text part. I gave up text pretty early in the game, by April I was all out of words. What did I learn? Well.. basically that text in art is just not my game... and now moving on. The journal keeping was a great exercise, but like Jeanne, I will not be doing weekly journals in 2009. I made it through two years of weekly journals, I learned a lot about myself and my art making. I will be trying something different in 2009.. and that's a teaser... I'll talk about it in another post.


50{52} the journal of the week... upholstery fabric, cotton, color catcher sheets, paper towels, a bit of netting, cotton thread and oil stick. Only two to go!
Gotta run!


The home stretch.... 49{52} is the journal for this week. Of course it contains scraps of other journals: upholstery fabric, color catcher sheets, cotton, paper towels, free-hand machine embroidered with cotton thread and finished off by rubbing with an oil paint stick. Got a kind of a wintery feel to it, maybe due to the sprinkling of snow we had yesterday morning..

I feel like I haven't posted any new work or even work in progress in eons now. That's probably because I really haven't. But never fear! I actually have been working on things, got a bunch of new little things to show and some large work in progress. I will do a post later this week on all that and a book promo later too... exciting!

journal and november

The November journal series is complete with this final one 48{52}, and below is a look at the whole series together. Only four more journals to go and soon I'll share plans for next year...

journal and tagged

This weeks journal is 47{52}, the ingredients are: upholstery fabric, synthetic organza, tulle, color catcher sheet, dryer lint, paper, variegated cotton thread...

I got tagged by Vita, who's blog I recently discovered and thoroughly enjoy and her illustrations are delightful. I responded to a similar tag over a year ago, you can read my answers here. Let's if I can come with seven new goodies.... and try to make them art related...

1. While I was attending the High School of Art and Design in NYC, I got a really cool opportunity to attend drawing classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spend our Saturdays sketching in the Greek and Egyptian halls.

2. When I was about 7 years old in Russia, I read in a daily calendar a job description that really stuck with me. It described what a fabric print designer would do and I don't think I have strayed too far from that path...

3. I love doodling! Used to do much more of it especially as a teenager while on the phone. Now I mostly multi-task while on the phone and have to set aside time for doodling...

4. I majored in fashion illustration at the above high school. We would go out to the sidewalk on Fifth Ave and 57th street and sketch designer store windows while the passerby commented or got annoyed that we were taking up too much space.

5. When I was about 8 or 9 years old my parents gave me a book about an artist that really appealed to my melancholy nature. She was a prolific illustrator of some of my favorite stories and she died at 17... Nadia Rusheva

6. I used to devour Greek myths as a kid, first in Russian and then in English. I just discovered a great book for my girls that I cannot wait to read with them..

7. I started making a bunch of little art quilts from my Okoshechki/Little Windows series while doing Open Studios in Houston. I just finished and put them for sale in my new Etsy store. Come check it out!

Well, there they are, seven little known facts about myself.. and now I get to tag seven others:
Thanks for playing!


This week's journal is 46{52}, inching closer to the end of the year. Still recycling leftovers.. from this years journals that is. Here we have upholstery fabric, color catcher sheet, synthetic organza, paper, stamps, acrylic paint and cotton variegated thread.
And back down to my studio I go to work on this years costumes for Russian school Christmas play.

double journal

Falling behind with my journals here.. 44{52} from a week ago (Houston is my excuse) and 45{52} from this week. Both use scraps of upholstery fabric, paper, paper towels, tulle, cotton variegated thread and 45 has onion netting in it. I am still working on using up scraps from previous journals. Trying for a more ethereal look in the November series, mostly inspired by the season. And here are a few pictures of my inspiration...

journal and october

Here's the last journal for October, 43{52}. And here's a look at the October journal series.. Pretty happy don't you think? I am pretty happy with the amount of journal scraps I was able to use up here. Now what shall I do for November? hmmm...


This weeks journal is 42{52}. I am still using up scraps from previous journals, all the happy autumn colored scraps in the October series... kind of looking landscape like here again...


This weeks journal is 41{52}, like last week I am using up scraps from previous months of journals... This weeks ingredients are: painted vintage silk, painted muslin, painted papertowels, painted plastic, silver foil, a bit of hand stitching and some free-hand machine embroidery. Simple, like Melanie said...


My journal for last week is 40{52}. Hard to believe that I am up to 40 journals already this year and that the year is almost over... where did the time fly...

My plan for the journals of October is to use up scraps from all the journals so far. There is a multitude of materials here: vintage brocade, plastic, pattern paper, tissue paper, plastic netting; and a multitude of techniques: painting, free-hand machine embroidery, hand stitching. I am pretty happy with the way this piece turned out and I like the vaguely landscapish look of it...

journal and september

Here is 39{52} my journal for this week. The final in the "simple" series.. Hmmmm how did I do? I think it was a good exercise for me, I cannot say that I am too thrilled with the results. Maybe if I had used dynamic colors I would have done better for me. Maybe this is something to explore in another project or another journal series. Here's a look at the whole September series together.I think that for the next month I will concentrate on using scraps left left over from all the journals so far this year. I had been keeping all the teeny bits together and now have decided that this will a good journal exercise for October.


38{52} is my journal for this week, still trying to be simple... so far I think this one might be my favorite of the September bunch. Synthetic blend stretch twill, bleach discharge cotton, color catcher sheets, white rayon thread.


My journal for last week, 37{52}, is following the theme I am concentrating on this month - simple... I think I might have come closer to it this time, still no satisfaction.
I have been working on more complex and satisfying things in my studio lately though, if school goes as planned this week, I may have something to share soon...


The opening reception for Fiber Revolution was canceled this afternoon due to Hanna.. I will let everyone know when it will be rescheduled.Meanwhile here's my journal for this week 36{52}... I was procrastinating and catching up on my blog reading when I came across Melanie's post on simplicity. She is such an eloquent writer, she had me captivated, so I decided that the theme for my journals for the month of September will be simple. So above is my first attempt at simple. I thought I would just layer my composition and simply (heh) stitch it down, but I could not stop myself and wound up doing circles and lines galore. I am not sure if this is simple or simply boring... guess that's why it's just a journal....

the big journal catch up

I am very excited to report that I have caught up on my weekly journals, thank goodness! I really disliked being so behind, it makes me feel unsettled, crazy I know. Here are my journals from July and August - the travel months. 27{52} through 35{52}, here's a look at all of them together and a look at 31{52} through 35{53} separately as I didn't blog about them before. I think my trick of using the same background and same base materials has worked for keeping them in a series. I liked coming up with different ways of using the same supplies for each weeks journal, a good challenge for me. Take a look and tell me what you think!



A double whammy for today. Here are my journal quilts 29{52} and 30{52}. I am still a week or two behind, honestly it's difficult to keep track away from home...

a fiber related post...

Instead of architecture today I have pictures of fiber art to post. First my journal from two weeks ago, yep I am way behind, but I will catch up. Here's 28{52}...We went to a doll museum, on a visit that I though would be mostly for my daughters entertainment. Boy was I wrong.. most fabulous art creations.. beautiful 3D portraits in fabric of different literary figures, dolls representing just about every international fairytale. Most made by the graduating students of St. Petersburg Theatrical Institute. I'll be going back there again. And I will post more info about this great place later too...Then a visit with a fellow art quilter that I met on the internet, Irina Mozhaeva. She was gracious enough to invite me to her apartment to look at her work and share a bit of mine.